Be The Artist of Your Life! #8 of Ten Actions To Improve Health

Blog 8The Artist Needs a Colorful Palette

Your life is an open canvas ready to be painted!  Our thoughts become the color in our palette.  If we ruminate over events of the past or worry too much about the future, not only does our palette become gray but the present is neglected, opportunities are halted and our canvas remains uncreated.  What we choose to think about becomes the palette and the picture we paint.  The more we live in the past or the future, the more the canvas of today is left unpainted.  Living in this moment, discovering what you want to create, believing you can accomplish it and focusing on taking the steps to develop it, the more colorful and beautiful your canvas will become. You are the artist of your life!

We Are Our Thoughts

Our reality is based on what is taken in through our senses and how we perceive that data based on Gray palettepast experiences, self image, and choice.  I add choice because in almost every situation there is more than one way to interpret situations.  The “negative” voice comes out when there is fear, doubt, anger or jealousy.   The “positive” voice comes out when there is confidence, tranquility, success and happiness.  We can choose whether to look at any situation in a positive or a negative light.  When more time is spent being positive, the more colorful the palette, the more beautiful the picture. Take your positivity test with Barbara Frederickson’s, an expert on being positive.

How Do We Become More Positive?

Let go of negative thoughts.  What has happened in the past is unfixable and the future hasn’t happened yet.  When those thoughts or worries appear, acknowledge them but don’t grasp them.  Let them flow through your brain and then replace it with a positive thought.  Notice your current environment and find what is going well.  Perhaps a friend or coworker has said something nice  and you didn’t really acknowledge it.  Listen to complements and say thank you.  Perhaps that coworker said something hurtful.  Did you take it personally or did you try to walk in his shoes to see what may be going on with him?  Do you feel anger at him or can you offer understanding.  Perhaps there is a beautiful flower or view in your eyesight.  Take in the sight.  Perhaps you have more energy because you ate a good breakfast.  Notice your energy, your fullness.  Perhaps there is an upbeat song in the background that is massaging your ears.  Close your eyes for a second and listen to the beat.  Perhaps you notice that your back is hurting.  Then notice that your arms, legs, head, neck and feet feel really good.  Perhaps you notice your shirt you are wearing is soft and makes your feel good.  Perhaps you are having a good hair day.  Now fill your mind with as many good thoughts as you can find.   Focus on them.  Focus on how they make you feel.  Focus how you become lighter, happier, and your palette brightens.  Begin to paint your canvas of today.  What do you want your canvas to be today?

Become Grateful

At then end of the day, as you are lying in bed, review all the good things that you felt, heard, or saw today.  Were there only a few things that came to mind? colorful palette Where was your head today?  Were you looking for opportunities or were you using a gray palette and not creating a beautiful image on your canvas?  Each evening see if that list can expand.  And when you wake up in the morning notice how much more refreshed you will feel, how others you see will notice your positive energy and how new possibilities will arise.  Your palette will be bright and your canvas will be full of color, clarity and beauty!

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