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How to begin making lifestyle changes? (April 25, 2013)

IMG_0210It’s not easy changing how we do things.  Our emotions drive most of our actions.  We constantly hear how we should eat healthy and be more active but often times we think we are already doing these things or we say to ourselves we’ll do it later when there is more time.

Change is difficult and we make it even more difficult my setting the bar too high so that we can not sustain the change.  Connect to the “why” of making lifestyle changes with a strong drive and desire. Know what your cholesterol numbers, fasting blood sugar and blood pressure numbers are.  Know your family history.   It has been estimated that 30-70% of type 2 diabetes is due to genetics. Perhaps it’s to have more energy so that you can feel more productive and content.  Perhaps it’s to come off some medications that are expensive and are causing some unpleasant side effects.  Perhaps it’s to be more attractive and physically agile.

The more you create the picture of where you want to be and what does that look and feel like, then the more committed you will be.  Decide on a strategy that starts with small steps and is sustainable.   Tell yourself that you are not going on a “diet”, which implies these changes are temporary until you reach your goal.  Rather, it is changing your perspective, your mindset, and your habits for this new vision you want for yourself forever!