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There is Payback for the Hard Work of Making Lifestyle Changes! (May 1, 2013)

IMG_0148Remember how awkward and uncomfortable it is getting back into a¬†healthier diet¬†or exercise routine? Have you asked yourself where is the payback for all the work and just quit because you couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel? It is very normal to feel that way and this is where coaching can make the difference and get you over the hurdles.

My father recently dropped considerable cash for some hearing aids. After finally deciding on a pair, getting fitted, adjusting frequencies and then disconnecting from the machine, hearing aids locked and loaded, the audiologist asked how they felt. My father paused in contemplation, and commented, “Unpleasant – I can hear my voice too much. I sound loud!”. The audiologist explained that the brain has to relearn how to hear sounds differently after getting new stimuli for the first time, but that this would improve and he would completely adjust in a couple of weeks and begin to enjoy all those sounds he had not heard for years.

This same kind of process applies to making lifestyle changes. Often times as old comfortable habits are stopped and new ones are put in place it can be awkward and unpleasant those first few days, but then there is wonderful payback as thinking patterns adjust and our body begins to notice the positive changes. Like hearing the sounds of birds chirping or being able to hear in the movie theater for the first time in many years, having energy restored, a sense of confidence and control, moving towards healthier habits does awaken other positive changes that reward all the initial unpleasantness. Become aware of the subtleties of these gifts and know that it does get easier and so much better!