Nutritious, Hit-the-spot Desserts

I love Bob’s Red Mill Oatmeal!

Desserts do not have to cause guilt.  They can hit the sweet spot and yet not undo all the good healthy changes you have made.    Desserts can be the time to get a whole grain, some fruit and even some healthy protein if it is done keeping fat grams and sugar in check or at least planned for by eating fewer of each during the day.  I have always been a fruit pie lover.  One switch I have made that actually brings more enjoyment and health is switching to a crisp with an oatmeal topping instead of a white flour crust.  Fruit is naturally high in sugar so with my crisps I just add a minimal amount to the oatmeal topping keeping the focus primarily on the delicious fresh or frozen fruit and the crispy oatmeal topping.


Cuisinart makes an affordable ice cream machine that takes only 30 minutes to make a delicious, healthy refreshing dessert!


Making my cold creamy frozen yogurt for dessert is another delicious and refreshing way to get some low fat protein and fruit that takes little time and only takes some planning to remember to put the ice cream mixing bowl in the freezer a day ahead of time.

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