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You are here because you care about your health and you want to feel and look better. You’re not alone. Getting healthy is a journey of self-exploration and mindfulness. The payback is a sexier, healthier you!

Are you my client?

My typical client is someone who is tired of carrying extra weight around the middle that gets in the way of movement.

They feel that people are judging them based only on the extra weight they carry, not their personality.

They may have recently been told that their cholesterol, blood sugar or blood pressure is elevated and had a health scare.

They don’t feel good about themselves because they know they could feel better and hate to have to ask for help.

They get mad at themselves, saying that tomorrow they will start the diet, and lose faith in themselves when tomorrow comes and they can’t do it.

It’s not a diet; it’s making gradual, permanent lifestyle changes

I don’t believe in diets. They start with radical food changes that seem exciting, but always end with uncertainty of future steps, and weight regain.

Putting focus on your health and eating for health will lead to a steady. committed path to weight loss, improved health numbers, more energy, and pride.

It’s not just about losing weight; it’s getting a whole new lease on life, one step at a time. I will help you get there.

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health coaching with Barbara GrothWe will explore together what works for you so you stay focused on your health goals. My passion is helping people find their own solutions for sustainable health. I will help you set realistic goals that speak to you. It’s not about counting points or following a restrictive diet.  It’s about connecting to your energy level, paying attention to what you notice as you gradually lose weight and gaining confidence in learning how to fuel your body.

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